Tugu Negara / National Monument, Kuala Lumpur

Tugu Negara / National Monument Kuala Lumpur

The Tugu Negara or National Monument was completed and officially opened on 8 February 1966. It was proclaimed a memorial park dedicated to the 11,000 people who died during the 12-year Darurat or Malayan Emergency (1948–1960).


The Tugu Negara is the world’s tallest bronze freestanding sculpture grouping. The sculpture is 15 meters (49.21 feet) tall, and was designed by Austrian-born American sculptor Felix Weihs de Weldon, who was also responsible for the MarineCorps War Memorial in Virginia, United States.

The sculpture depicts 7 figures, 5 of the figures represents the victorious allied forces while the other 2 figures that lie on the ground represents that of the defeated communist forces.


The granite base of the Tugu Negara sculpture bears the Malaysian Coat of Arms, flanked on either side by inscriptions in Latin & Jawi script: “Dedicated to the heroic fighters in the cause of peace and freedom, May the blessing of Allah be upon them”


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